Forest Danger

Forest Danger


  Sia, Dane, and Farron all got stuck in the Forest of No Return. Why are they in there? Probably because they are all idiots! Sia went in on a dare. Dane went in boredom. Farron went in to prove a point.

   Now they all meet. What do they do together? Do they get crazy of each other? Do they fall in love? Let's just see what happens!


   Lindsay and Alex were both in the forest taking a walk when they found a forest boy living with his traveling tribe of non-humans. Luckily for these beautiful ladies, Alex's brother Felix saved them. He already had prior knowledge of this tribe and had actually already met this boy - Farron (Evolution of O.Farron. His second life cycle.). Being an explorer, Felix was forced to meet the natives and make a peace treaty between the Ohkanhai Tribe. This treaty was also signed by Farron, the son of the tribe leader.

Unfortunately, this won't be going well for either of the boys, the girls, the Ohkanhai Tribe, or the real world. Will Lindsay and Alex have to deal with them? Each other? Love? Read on and keep updated to find out more!